How to Outsource Product Creation Without Getting Ripped Off

Outsourcing: The Path To Riches... or a Fast Track to the Poor House?

"Finally, Now You Can Discover the Secrets to Risk-Free and Affordable Product-Creation Outsourcing!"

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

It’s no secret that all the big (and rich!) marketers became rich by getting freelancers to do all the work.

Think about it... Most of us spend weeks and months creating products, while these guys can churn ‘em out one after another. Seems like they’re coming out with a new product almost daily...

And you can bet they’re laughing all the way to the bank!

Oh sure, the big marketers are happy to share their "secrets" about outsourcing...

bullet They spill their guts about how much free time they have now that they’re outsourcing. (And you can’t wait to freelance so you can take an almost permanent vacation too!)

bullet They brag about the piles of money they’ve made since they started using freelancers. (No kidding! You can pay a few hundred dollars for an ebook and then turn around and make tens of thousands of dollars in pure profit!)

And while you already know all the benefits of outsourcing - (maybe you’re about to start hiring freelancers any day yourself) - there’s just one thing leaving you a little uneasy. You wonder...

"How Do You Attract GOOD Freelancers Without Getting Ripped Off?"

Look, for every story you hear about someone getting rich by outsourcing, you’ll hear a story from someone else who went broke for the same reason.

The horror stories stay with you:

bullet The guy whose heat got turned off when his freelance programmer ran off with his money...

bullet The single mom who almost lost her home when her plagiarizing ghostwriter opened her up to getting sued for copyright violations...

bullet The aspiring marketer whose career was over before it got started because a couple bad freelancing experiences bankrupted him...

bullet The retiree living on a fixed income who got conned out of his life savings by an unscrupulous con artist posing as a freelancer...

The list goes on and on. If you’ve spent any time in marketing forums, you’ve heard these same types of stories over and over again. It’s enough to scare a person away from even considering outsourcing! But don’t do it (I’ll tell you why in a moment...)

If you’ve had your doubts about the benefits of outsourcing, I have some marvelous, unexpected news for you...

"Outsourcing Your Product-Creation CAN Make You Rich and it CAN be Stress-Free... When You Know These Secrets!"

How to Outsource Product Creation Without Getting Ripped Off!

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"How to Outsource Product Creation Without Getting Ripped Off!"

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bullet How to save time and money with this little-known resource that enables you to quickly and easily create an ebook - without writing it yourself and without outsourcing it!

bullet How to recognize - and avoid! – freelancers who want to drain your bank account and rip you off!

bullet Also discover the exact steps you need to take to find a freelancer who won't rip you off!

bullet How to find excellent freelancers who will do your projects for relatively low cost... and sometimes for FREE!

bullet Where to post your job requests so that the best freelancers come to you - it's easy!

bullet Where to find freelancers online - and where to look if you want to work with someone local!

bullet Where to find industry insiders who'll happily steer you away from the scammers!

bullet Why it's not enough to just check a freelancer's testimonials - and what you should do instead!

bullet Why a freelancer's feedback can be dangerously deceptive - and what other secret clues you need to look for to determine if this person has a history of cheating people!

bullet The one free resource you absolutely MUST use to uncover a potential freelancer's past lies, cheats, and deceptions!

bullet How to use Google like a private detective to uncover the nasty history your potential freelancer doesn't want you to know!

bullet How asking for referrals on public forums can ruin YOUR credibility - and how to avoid this in one easy step!

bullet Here's an insider's trick to testing your freelancer's professionalism.

bullet Why freelancers who only use the communication method mentioned in this ebook may be setting up to scam you!

bullet What you absolutely need to know about a freelancer's quoted price - and how paying less upfront could mean paying WAY more later on!

bullet Why the normal "due diligence" isn't enough to weed out the scammers... and what ELSE you need to do to keep your money safe!

bullet A secret trick the pros use to find the absolute best freelancer for the job. (This one will surprise you -- and leave you wondering why you didn't think of it first! "Worth the price of this ebook.")

bullet Discover what common piece of freelancing advice you've heard is actually illegal - and leaves you wide open to going broke defending yourself in lawsuits!

bullet What your freelancer's FIRST job should be -- and it's not the one you hired him for!

bullet How your project enthusiasm can ruin your credibility and damage your reputation!

bullet Discover how to become the type of client that gets the best rate, the highest-quality product, and the fastest delivery times!

bullet How to make sure your ghostwriter isn't plagiarizing and leaving you vulnerable to tens of thousands of dollars in lawsuits!

bullet Learn how to create the type of legal agreement you need to fend off lying, cheating, scamming freelancers!

bullet How to attract freelancers who'll do the work EXACTLY the way you want it - and better! No more hiring someone else to "fix" the freelancer's poor work!

bullet How even a good freelancer can ruin your credibility - and what you need to do to protect yourself!

bullet How to keep your best freelancers so happy they'll be begging you to give them more work!

...And much more!

You’ll learn everything you need to know about finding and hiring freelancers who will quickly produce top-quality products that make you - (and SAVE you!) -- boatloads of money!

"So what is this information worth to you?"

Just imagine a stress-free outsourcing experience. You send the details to your favorite freelancer, and in days, a top-quality product arrives in your inbox. You pay a reasonable fee - much less than your colleagues pay for lesser work - and then you turn around and make thousands of dollars in profit almost immediately.

Finally, you have...

bullet No worries about overpaying...

bullet No worries about getting ripped off to the tune of thousands of dollars...

bullet No worries about poor-quality products that will cost you time and money to repair...

bullet No worries about being embarrassed by sub-par or unprofessional freelancers...

In fact, you will have no worries at all once you get your copy of this ebook...

Because once you know these outsourcing secrets, you’ll quickly and easily find trustworthy freelancers who don’t cost you money – instead, they MAKE you money (and a lot of it)!

So what are these secrets worth to you?

If this ebook helps you avoid getting ripped off for thousands of dollars, I think you’ll agree it’s worth hundreds of dollars. When you add in how much money you’ll save by hiring top-quality freelancers for rock-bottom prices, these secrets are worth even more. Add to that the peace of mind of a good outsourcing experience, and this ebook is priceless.

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