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"Here’s Why Some Marketers Can Make More Money in One Day Than Most People Make All Year"

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Go ahead and raise the red flags. Ring the alarm bells. You can even cock a skeptical eyebrow at the bold claim above.

But whatever you do, don’t take your eyes off this letter... because you’re about to discover the secrets of making more money in one day than some people make all year.

If you’re not a little skeptical at this point, then you can stop reading this letter now.


Because people who aren’t skeptical tend to be dreamers who believe the world owes them something. They dream about the big and easy money online, but won’t lift a pinky finger to make it happen. They believe the Internet is like a giant slot machine, and every time they pull the lever they should hit the jackpot.

This letter isn’t for them. This letter is for people like you. People who KNOW you can hit the jackpot online... IF you lay the groundwork first.

Let me explain...

Have you ever noticed that some marketers' products almost always sell out within a few minutes after they launch? That’s what I call hitting the jackpot. But it’s not just dumb luck when they pull six and even seven figures into their bank accounts in a day or two.

Their secret? They’ve discovered how to tap into their customers’ psychology... These are the same secrets that turn quiet and well-behaved prospects into rabid "foaming at the mouth" customers!

Now just Imagine if you could harness that sort of commanding power...

Just imagine sending a single email on launch day that would turn your inbox into an overflowing cash box...

Crazy? A little hard to believe?

Not if you know how to run a successful pre-launch campaign. And it’s not as hard as you think, because:

bullet You don’t need a perfect product...

bullet You don’t need to have a huge list...

bullet You don’t need to already be a member of the "marketing elite"...

bullet You don’t even need a killer sales letter (because you’ll have people ready to buy long before they see your sales letter!)

All you need to do to is spend a couple weeks whipping your prospects into a crazed frenzy... and then watch on launch day as they line up eagerly to give you their money!

Look, you already know it’s possible - you’ve seen it happen again and again online. You’ve seen the proof. You’ve seen the pre-launch marketing campaigns that ended when the marketer had pulled in thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars just minutes after launching their product.

You already know it’s possible to go from dead broke to filthy rich in a matter of minutes on launch day. And you believe that you can do it too... (and you can, when you know the secrets!)

You can imagine yourself watching your inbox fill up with PayPal notifications. You can just about feel the excited shivers running down your spine... the adrenaline running so fast that you burst out of your chair to hop around and do your happy dance in front of your computer.

(You’re making so much money that you don’t even care who walks in and sees you do that silly dance!)

But the only reason you haven’t done it yet is because you don’t know how. No one has ever given you the blueprint that shows you exactly how to create a pre-launch that crashes shopping carts and has everyone in your niche wanting to buy...

Until today.

Pre-Launch Buzz Secrets

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"Pre-Launch Buzz Secrets"

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bullet Exactly what you need to do BEFORE the launch day so your product sells out quickly...

bullet Why building anticipation is the secret key to the pre-launch - and how you can use it to your full advantage!

bullet The ONE thing you absolutely must do before you start building anticipation (Get this wrong, and your customers will never trust you again - see page 17)

bullet How to build anticipation before you’ve even finished the product! (See page 7)

bullet How to turn your prospects into sales people who’ll post rave reviews about your product all over the Internet - for FREE!

bullet How to find the "early-adopters" in your niche who’ll turn your marketing whispers into a roaring pre-launch buzz! (Turn to page 13)

bullet How to make your prospects hang on every word of your marketing campaign. (Page 13)

bullet The one thing you absolutely must do before you start building anticipation. (Get this wrong, and your customers will never trust you again - see page 18)

bullet The right way to use controversy to set your marketing campaign on fire! (Look on page 21 to discover one of the controversial marketer’s best-kept secrets!)

bullet How to decide if you should release viral reports or videos... or something else entirely! (See page 22 for the exact answer)

bullet How to run a pre-launch event that gets prospects selling themselves on buying your product - and gets them convincing others, too! (See page 25 for this surprising strategy)

bullet The secret key to running a contest that quickly fills your bank account with cash... BEFORE your launch day! (Turn to page 27)

bullet The right way to use a blog to create a mountain of social proof (see page 28 for a strategy that almost guarantees you’ll have a massive launch day!)

bullet How to swipe a secret tactic that bartenders use every day to make more tips - and how you can use this tactic to make more sales quickly and easily! (See page 30)

bullet How to use a cheap report as a springboard to the biggest sales day you’ve ever had. (See page 31)

bullet How to establish yourself as an expert and build trust in ANY niche - even if no one has a clue who you are right now! (See page 32 for the strategy that will give you a launch day you’ll never forget)

bullet The right way to get affiliates involved - and how to make them eager to do everything you ask! (Look on page 42)

bullet How to get your prospects so excited they’d sell their soul to get their hands on your product right now! (See page 39 for the four key components you need to include in every pre-launch email!)

bullet An exact week-by-week blueprint and checklist you can steal to create your own six or seven figure product launch! (Print off pages 47-53 and hang it on your wall - you’ll want to refer to it again and again.)

PLUS much more! Simply put...

You’ll discover everything you need to know to create a big-dollar product launch in ANY niche with ANY product!

These are the same secrets I promised you at the start of this letter that maybe had you a little skeptical. But now that you know it’s possible, you too can discover how to go from dead broke to rich in a single day!

What Would it Be Worth to You to Discover How to Have Your Own Big-Dollar Launch Day?

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