Why does the Poor Guy cluck like a Chicken?

date Posted on: 6th May 2009 | filed Filed under: News

Have you ever seen a hypnotist on stage?

He snaps his fingers and the poor slob who got volunteered by his wife is now clucking like a chicken.

What a waste!

Imagine if you had that power, only instead of turning guys into chicken impersonators, you use it to help people by making them buy your product.

You read that right.

What if you could help people by making them buy your product?

Look, no one is going to cluck like a chicken who doesn't already want to.

And no one is going to buy your product who doesn't already want to, either.

You can't force someone to buy your stuff.

But many times you lose sales not because someone didn't want and need your product, but because you did a poor job of selling it to them.

The overweight person NEEDS and WANTS to lose weight.

And you market a program on exactly how to be successful at that.

They WANT and NEED your program...

...yet, for whatever reason, or no reason at all, they don't buy it.

You don't get the sale.

They don't lose the weight.

But if you could hypnotize them...

If you could tap into what makes them tick...

If you could just jiggle their brain wiring for a second...

They would snap up your product in seconds and be thrilled silly that they did.

No buyer's remorse, no wondering if they made the right decision.

They would be THANKING you for creating the product and selling it to them.

And more than that, they would be USING it.

All because you learned to speak straight to their subconscious,

Straight to that part of them that REALLY makes their decisions.

Imagine you're trying to see the head honcho at a company to sell him (or her) your product.

You KNOW that if you can only get in to see this person, they will buy in a heartbeat.

The problem is, the head honcho is guarded by a fickle, ornery, unpredictable secretary...

Who WON'T let you in.

She guards her boss every waking moment of the day and night.

But you're SMART...

As in Secret Agent smart.

You make yourself invisible to the secretary and walk right past her into the head honcho's office,

You make your pitch, he listens with rapt attention, and then places the order.

Just like that.

No hesitation, no reservation, no questions, nothing.

Then he stands up, leans over the desk, extends his hand, and thanks you from the bottom of his heart for coming in to see him.



Absolute reality, when you know the secrets.

The secretary, of course, is your prospect's conscious mind.

The head honcho is the subconscious.

The head honcho directs the secretary, yet it's the secretary who gives orders to the head honcho.

Which is why people are so irritatingly complicated.

But when you bypass the secretary (conscious mind) and go straight to the head honcho (subconscious mind)...

You bypass...





...and all those other bothersome irritating annoyances that cost you sales.

So what's the secret to going straight to your prospect's subconscious?

If only you could answer that question, and you'd have the key to getting ANYTHING you want in life.

On May 17, you will have the answer.

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