Joint Venture Product Marketing

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Joint Venture Product Marketing - How JV Partners Can Create a Product for You

Are you ready to unlock the power of joint venture partnerships - and to harness them to generate hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit for your current Internet-based business? If so, you cannot afford to miss out on this opportunity...

Revealed:  A Step-by-Step, Detailed Plan for Securing Joint Ventures, Squeezing Every Last Dollar out of Them, And Ensuring that Your JV Partners and their Wealthy Friends Will Beg You to Work With Them Again!"

It Doesn’t Matter Whether You’ve Been in Business 5 Years, 10 Years, 20 Years... or No Years At All. Joint Venture Partnerships are an Explosively Profitable Method of Bringing Your Business to the Next Level. All You Need to Do Is Master How to Initiate Them - And You Will Rule Any Niche You Choose!

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

You’ve probably heard a lot about joint venture partnerships in the past.

You've heard about how wealthy and skilled Internet marketers team up with a half-dozen or a dozen of their closest friends to perform massive product launches.

You’ve also heard how these same marketers play off each others’ strengths, skills, and resources in order to maximize the effect of these launches. They do this by coordinating mailings, delegating tasks, and trading connections so that they are able to tap multiple sources of highly-targeted traffic when it comes time to launch the product.

Finally, you also know that these "JV Partnerships" seem to be a generally profitable thing - at least for the big guys. Whenever they all get together, people hear about what they’re doing months before they ever try it. Buzz surrounds everything they do, permeates their particular niches, and ensures that hundreds or even thousands of prospects will be banging on the door - cash in hand - when launch day finally arrives.

You know all of this. And that’s great...

BUT did you know that YOU can do the exact same thing? Did you know that marketers with little to no skill can take something as simple as an idea - and then, through some finely-tuned actions, some carefully-directed emails and calls, and through the judicious use of administrative and interpersonal skills... put together a mammoth launch that generates hundreds of thousands in revenue?

Did you know that...

• You - yes, YOU - can partner with some of the biggest names in your niche, even if these people have never heard about you before?

YOU can leverage the power of throngs of mid and lower-level marketers to ensure that your products are sold in every nook and cranny in your particular niche?

• YOU can tap the awesome power of targeted mailing lists with tens of thousands of subscribers... and without paying a single dime?

YOU can EASILY and frequently appear on high-traffic blogs so that your products and product ideas gain currency and circulate throughout your given niche?

• YOU can become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams... and in very short order... if you pull off JUST ONE joint venture with the right person at the right time?

Yes, this is all true. But there’s a catch:

You have to actually know how to do all of those things. As you already know, you weren’t born with detailed charts that reveal how to gain access to the upper echelons of entrepreneurs and Internet marketers within your particular niche...

And, as you know, contacting high-level JV partners and pitching to them successfully is no easy task, unless you have great connections - or unless you know EXACTLY what to say, how to say it, when to say it, and what to expect to hear in response...

Unfortunately, you don’t have those connections. But, fortunately, you can learn all of these things. And I will show you how...

Joint Venture Product Marketing

Joint Venture Product Marketing:
How JV Partners Can Create a Product for You

Does earning an extra $1000 per month sound good to you? How about an extra $5000? What if you tripled your income? And what if you added an extra one or two zeros to the end of your income?

All of these things sound great. But, until today, they were all out of reach; however, if you acquire "Joint Venture Product Marketing," read it thoroughly, and put it to work, all of these things will become quickly achievable... and on a clear and reasonable time scale.

For instance, you should very quickly be able to increase your income by $1000 per month by partnering with an equal-strength marketer on a project when you otherwise would have worked alone. Once you do that, you should be able to leverage your success to find a partner who has greater access to resources than you do. You can leverage his skills and resources to pull in that additional $5000...

And, from there, you can see where this goes. After each successful JV, you can pull in a new partner, leverage his skills, and then use them to earn more with higher-level partners...

"Joint Venture Product Marketing" will show you exactly how this entire process works and exactly how you can use it to leverage your earnings massively!

To make things clear, readable, and orderly, the ebook is broken down into seven steps - which will lead you from the beginning to the end of your joint venture.

Steps #1 & #2:
Pick Your Niche, Product, and the Role of Your JV Partner

Before you even think about partnering with someone else, you had better get a good idea of what you’re selling, why it will sell, who could help you as a partner, and how you can find them. The first two steps in "Joint Venture Product Marketing" will unlock this process for you. Specifically, you will learn how to...

bulletLocate a broad niche market, drill down further, and then select the particular HUNGRY sub-niche that you will create your product in.

bulletSketch out a "prototype" for your product so that you can clearly envision what you will create and who you will sell it to.

bulletClearly determine the role of prospective joint venture partners BEFORE you begin searching for them.

bullet Ensure that any time you spend looking for joint venture partners is ultimately a profitable, high-value use of your time.

After that, you will arrive at the next step, which is equally as important...

Steps #3 & #4:
Compile a List of Suitable JV Partners and Select them Methodically

Once you’ve selected your niche and your product and once you have defined the role of your JV partner, you are likely to encounter a very serious problem that most would-be JV marketers never overcome - namely, finding a suitable partner.

Now, you are likely to...

bulletFind partners with the wrong skill sets or with a complete lack of resources.

bulletFind hangers-on who are interested in capturing some of your time, resources, and credibility in exchange for little or nothing.

But these aren’t exactly the type of people you are targeting. Those people are going to be harder to find, harder to talk to, and harder to convince that your project is worthy of their time.

Fortunately, steps #3 and #4 in "Joint Venture Product Marketing" addresses these two problems in their entirety. In particular, they demonstrate rigorously how to...

bulletDetermine who is and who is not a suitable JV partner.

bulletFigure out who is likely to be a waste of time and resources.

bulletDetermine who may appear to be a waste of time and resources, but will actually be a highly-profitable JV partner.

bullet Find partners through various channels, including several you’ve probably never considered or even heard of.

Now, once you complete these steps, it will be time to actually contact those JV partners, convince them to work with you, and then follow up with the entire process to make sure that you do not lose them unnecessarily.

If you’re like most marketers, you probably don’t have any formal process for doing this. But that’s okay because steps #5 and #6 cover this in detail.

Steps #5 & #6:
Write a Proposal and Contact Your Prospective JV Partners

Again, if you’re like most marketers, you probably have never seen this stage of a joint venture before. But that’s okay because "Joint Venture Product Marketing" will demonstrate thoroughly how you can...

bulletDraft a high-quality "proposal" letter for your joint partners so that they will be highly likely to respond and to respond positively.

bulletFollow up with your prospects so that you do not lose any of them in the shuffle.

bulletSelect your partners carefully so that you do not end up with duds.

bullet Contact the "right" sub-set of marketers first so that you are able to ensure that you get the best possible responses to your mailings (hint: This sub-set is probably not the sub-set you’re guessing).

bulletSet your expectations correctly so that you are not overwhelmed or underwhelmed by responses to your efforts.

bullet Tactfully and effectively contact prospective partners and convince them that it is in their best interests as a businessperson to accept your offer.

Finally, this ebook will show you how to manage your relationships once you have initiated them...

Step #7: Managing Your Joint Venture Partnerships

Sadly, many Internet marketers assume that everything will be smooth sailing once they have secured the partnerships of a few other similar or higher-level marketers. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

While finding the marketers and getting them to participate is often very challenging, it can be even more challenging to get them to remain with the project once it is initiated. For this reason, step #7 carefully details how to manage the partnership once you find yourself in it. This will save you the hardship of losing several JV partners who you were relying on to carry out specific tasks that are critical to the project’s success.

So Where Does This Leave YOU?

It leaves you - or at least it should leave you - with the understanding that you must now take action. You must find out what you don’t know about JV partnerships so that you can use them to improve your reputation and to generate more cash.

Without mastering all of the aforementioned skills, you have virtually no chance of out-competing your peers when it comes to attracting high-quality JV partners. Fortunately for you, there is no better way to master them than to grab a copy of "Joint Venture Product Marketing," which covers these processes in fine detail.

Now, you could strike out on your own and attempt to re-invent the wheel along the way. Instead, however, I suggest you do yourself a favor, save yourself some time, money, and heartache - and grab a copy of "Joint Venture Product Marketing" today:

Joint Venture Product Marketing - How JV Partners Can Create a Product for You

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